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My interest in photographing architecture was ignited by the interiors of old basilicas while I studied art in Florence, Italy. I’m an OCAD alumni and recently I’ve been exploring historical structures, new builds and the details that often trigger memories and personal associations.

This exhibit is about noticing transient light in spaces that we frequent, like a coffee shop. Natural light is fleeting while indoor lighting feels permanent. We experience the spaces we inhabit differently depending on how light affects us. These experiences feel short-lived, impermanent, and even volatile, but if you take the time to notice the light, it can alter your state of mind, change your mood, or shift your perspective.

My method of capturing light starts with the camera, then the multiple exposures are layered digitally to create a single impression.

In person Nathan Philips Square July 7-9, 2023, continues online until March 2024 at TOAF Online
The following photographs are limited edition, printed on Hahnemuehle cotton rag paper - mat finish, signed and numbered.

Worth Gallery Award and Best of Photography Award

WORTH Gallery show Outside/Inside - Opening Jan 11, 6-10pm

At TOAF 23 this summer, I was honoured to receive the Best of Photography & Digital Media Award.
As well as the WORTH Gallery Award which means I will be participating in a group show in January 11-28, 2024.

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair 2023: Nathan Philips Square

photograph of the Sonndr Cafe in Dovercourt House Toronto

The Sonndr, 2023

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Photograph of the Lakeview retro diner

Lakeview, 2023

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Tango Palace Coffee in Queen St East, Toronto

Tango Palace Coffee, 2023

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Nodo - The Junction, 2023

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Woolshed Coffee, 2023

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photograph of Laduree Cafe, Yorkdale Toronto

Laduree - Yorkdale, 2023

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