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CONTACT Photography Festival 2022

My digital composite method borrows from a film process of double exposure and the unpredictable effects it reveals. The method relates to how our mind composes our memories; often layering details on top of unrelated events.

I create photographic composites by layering images to form a single impression. I'm fascinated by interior and exterior gathering spaces; how we inhabit public spaces and the personal experiences that leave indelible marks on us even when the spaces have been demolished or converted.

My continued photographic inspiration is found exploring the interior spaces of Toronto and my constant quest for the perfect cappuccino. 

The photographs below were on display at Extra Butter Coffee May 01- June 31 2022.
The display at that location continues to be rotated with new photographs.

283 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto

Contact Photography Festival 2022: Coffee Confessions Continued

A-Ok Café

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Balzac's - The Distillery

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Nodo - The Junction, 2021

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Lakeview Restaurant photograph for Contact Photography Festival Toronto

Lakeview Restaurant, 2022

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Avro Coffee - Liberty Village, 2021

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Queen Mother Cafe - Queen St, 2021

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Coco's - Little Italy 2021

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Mandy's - Ossington, 2022

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