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artist statement

My initial interest in photographing architecture was ignited by the detail-rich interiors of old basilicas while I studied art in Florence, Italy. As an OCAD alumni, I’ve been exploring historical structures, the evolution of new builds and the details that often trigger memories and personal associations. The memories sparked in public spaces are not always parallel to what has occurred in the space but are often tangent smells, feelings or events. It’s this overlapping recollection of events I explore visually in my pieces.

My digital composite method borrows from a film process of double exposure and the unpredictable effects it reveals. The method relates to how our mind composes our memories; often layering details on top of unrelated events.

I create photographic composites by layering images to form a single impression. I'm inspired by Toronto's interior and exterior gathering spaces; how we inhabit public spaces and the personal experiences that leave indelible well as my quest for the perfect cappuccino!

~ Margaret Gdyczynski